About Richard Donaldson

An amalgam of business, technology, innovation and leadership. Constantly seeking innovative ways to advance technology in our lives with the guiding principle laid down by Arthur C Clarke’s quote “Any technology that does not appear magical is insufficiently advanced.”

Spent better part of Silicon Valley career working on “internet plumbing” or the internet infrastructure spanning datacenters thru hosted/cloud environments constantly seeking ways to unify the infrastructure into a better managed platform.

Was a co-founder and CEO of 6connect, a developer of Network Automation tools delivered discretely or as a SaaS/hosted model. 6connect focused on IPv6 tools and is leading the charge into IPv6 transitions and subsequent automation. 6connect raised $2M in a series A round in Q3 2011.

Previously, led Core4 Systems, an energy efficient cooling systems company for datacenters, and prior was the COO of UnitedLayer, a datacenter and managed hosting company. Richard joined UnitedLayer in Jan’06 thru the acquisition of ASPextra, a company he co-founded in 2004.

Prior to ASPextra, was a strategic, marketing, & business development consultant where clients ranged from startups to enterprises all of which had technologies that they were bringing to market.

Preceding the consulting practice, commenced my startup adventures as a business development executive for two leading venture backed IT services startups, SeniorSurfers, and TechPlanet.

Started my 15+ year Silicon Valley career with Montgomery Securities as an analyst in the private equity group.

B.A. from Colgate University.

Frequent speaker on technology, marketing and strategy.

Grew up in Minnesota, lived and worked in Europe and upon receiving his B.A., packed a backpack and traveled for a few years primarily as a chef and SCUBA/Ski instructor before landing in the Bay Area. Often found swimming in the Bay regularly training for triathlons.


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