2012 – Why this is the year of IPv6 adoption

Yeah, yeah, yeah – you have heard me talk all day long and post incessently about IPv6 lately – sure, my firm 6connect, is in that business and there are some selfish reasons I think that this is happening, however, there are some very quantifiable, verifiable, and qualitative reasons why we see 2012 as the year of IPv6 Adoption!

  1. IANA did run out of IPv4 addresses last Feb followed by APNIC – RIPE is due to exhaust their supply of v4 assets in first half of this year followed by ARIN early in ’13 – Geoff Huston of APNIC has maintained a very accurate depletion model found here: http://www.potaroo.net/tools/ipv4/index.html
  2. As an IPAM vendor with expertise in IPv6, we are seeing many companies from ISPs, Hosting, to Enterprise & Govt inquire with us about our IPAM in the context of moving to IPv6 – using that as a proxy, we’ve seen our customer inquiries quadruple over last 30 days and the inquires we’ve seen alone just this week have been some VERY LARGE, global ISPs
  3. Domestic roll out success of Comcast, led by John Brzozowski, will continue bringing more “home” users online, thus catalyzing more content/SaaS companies to make the swtich (chicken-egg)
  4. Increasing need for IPs by “non-traditional” IP copmanies such as “smart grid”, “wifi hot spot cars”, and just about everything else being online, the demand for IPs simply will necessitate the need to move to v6
  5. Guess here – we will see some innovations within IPv6 mgmt that will pull the “geek crowd” over to use it to improve application performance – not sure what exactly that might be, however, there are enough people playing with v6 now, that innovations will soon follow

There is a lot more that will yield a strong year for IPv6 adoption, however, these are some good nuggets to keep an eye on.