Pattern matching in the Evernet: Part II

Pattern matching seems to be all the rage inside of most Venture Capital firms.  This is the notion of recognizing “patterns of success” to help them deduce where to invest their moiney.  For example, we’ve recently seen robust development in/around web based discount offers.  This WAS a hot area for investment after the meteoric rise (and I suspect fall) of GroupOn.  Investors were quick to seek out similar business models to invest in so as to ride the upswing.

The Evernet will unleash a tsunami of new pattern matching with all the data streaming in from every connected device or thing, and this will yield new innovation and discovery.  For example, bio-hacking is just an early preview of this type of work whereby people today are “hacking” themselves thru the analysis of newly available “bio-data”.  My friend and colleague, Dave Asprey, is a part of this vanguard and has written extensively on the topic – see:  He claims (and he is not prone to fantastical statements) that he has been able to reduce his sleep to just 6hrs a night, increased his IQ by 20+ points, and has experienced a more sustained energy level.  This is all due to the fact that he can capture so much data from a variety of always on devices he uses to track his various bio-rhythms, sleep patterns, caloric intakes, exercise, etc.  The ease with which he can now analyze all facets of his corpus has led him to innovate his very own life – this will become more and more common.

In the end,  the evolution of the Internet into the Evernet will increase the innovation velocity we see already happening.  Think about how much has changed in just past 10years – the next decade will be even more innovative and exciting (if you like change!)!!


One thought on “Pattern matching in the Evernet: Part II

  1. Hey Richard, thanks for thinking of me! I’m a fan of the Quantified Self movement and made my first angel investment in a log management company in about 2001 because I believed (and still do) that managing human monitoring data is way more of a challenge than just monitoring cloud computing servers. 🙂

    I write about my strange biohacking habits at

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