The Evernet – working up a series on the Internet’s Evolution

I just watched a talk given by Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners – – I agree with some of his assertions, however, I believe he is missing a key factor that is even more profoundly fundamental to the Internet’s Evolution.  That is the transition to IPv6.

IPv6 is ushering in an ever-connected world (everything connected to everyone, everywhere)  that will catalyze innovations faster whereby Moore’s law will directly affect Humanity’s Innovation Velocity (coining new phrase) – life itself is not changing per se, what is changing is our ability to collect, retain, and analyze information (we are still in a nascent era: Information Age) – while HTML5 is a factor in how we can more easily interact on this expanding platform (the Evernet), it is IPv6 that will profoundly evolve the Internet as we know it today yielding to a broader construct, the Evernet!

Working on a larger and expanded version of this, so stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “The Evernet – working up a series on the Internet’s Evolution

  1. Sounds great from 50K feet…but I cant think of examples that might be interesting or cool. Do you have some insights into some specific “everything connected to everyone” use-cases you think we’ll sooner rather than later?

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