Pattern matching in the Evernet: Part II

Pattern matching seems to be all the rage inside of most Venture Capital firms.  This is the notion of recognizing “patterns of success” to help them deduce where to invest their moiney.  For example, we’ve recently seen robust development in/around web based discount offers.  This WAS a hot area for investment after the meteoric rise (and I suspect fall) of GroupOn.  Investors were quick to seek out similar business models to invest in so as to ride the upswing.

The Evernet will unleash a tsunami of new pattern matching with all the data streaming in from every connected device or thing, and this will yield new innovation and discovery.  For example, bio-hacking is just an early preview of this type of work whereby people today are “hacking” themselves thru the analysis of newly available “bio-data”.  My friend and colleague, Dave Asprey, is a part of this vanguard and has written extensively on the topic – see:  He claims (and he is not prone to fantastical statements) that he has been able to reduce his sleep to just 6hrs a night, increased his IQ by 20+ points, and has experienced a more sustained energy level.  This is all due to the fact that he can capture so much data from a variety of always on devices he uses to track his various bio-rhythms, sleep patterns, caloric intakes, exercise, etc.  The ease with which he can now analyze all facets of his corpus has led him to innovate his very own life – this will become more and more common.

In the end,  the evolution of the Internet into the Evernet will increase the innovation velocity we see already happening.  Think about how much has changed in just past 10years – the next decade will be even more innovative and exciting (if you like change!)!!


IPv6 is the Evernet: Part 1

In my last post, I discussed the term, the Evernet – Everything connected to Everyone, Everywhere!!  This is what the Internet is evolving into via the deployment of Internet Protocol version 6.  I like to outline here, in Part 1, why IPv6 is the foundation upon which the Evernet will be realized.

Many of you may be aware that the Internet itself is undergoing an upgrade from IPv4 to IPv6.  The basic upshot is that IPv4 was launched in the late ’60’s/”70’s (born out of the ARPANET:  When conceived, a finite amount of unique address space was developed and this was 2^32 or ~ 4.3 Billion address written like  We’ve run out of address space and the addresses are how each “device” gets online and communicates.  Along comes IPv6 with its 2^128 address pool or ~ 340 Undecillion addresses (see: written in hexadecimal or 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.  It is quite a bit longer and we have quite a few more of them to use, so let’s keep bringing everything online!

With a human population on Earth now exceeding 7 Billion; a rush of devices moving online from smart phones to ipads to Amazon Fire to airplanes, cars, trains, buses to household appliances going on line to the Smart Grid – we are poised now with IPv6 to truly bring everything online thereby making Everything available to Everyone, Everywhere – the Internet has evolved into something that will usher in more, rapid change and innovation as the ability to crunch data from all new sources will yield commensurately new inventions!!  The Evernet is being made possible thru the roll out of IPv6. (we are under way as you read this)

IPv6 itself will usher some new ways in which IP communications are handled, secured, as well as provisioned, all of which get into the geeky side of Internet Plumbing!!  If you are interested in reading more about the protocol, please feel free to check out any of the following:

The Evernet – working up a series on the Internet’s Evolution

I just watched a talk given by Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners – – I agree with some of his assertions, however, I believe he is missing a key factor that is even more profoundly fundamental to the Internet’s Evolution.  That is the transition to IPv6.

IPv6 is ushering in an ever-connected world (everything connected to everyone, everywhere)  that will catalyze innovations faster whereby Moore’s law will directly affect Humanity’s Innovation Velocity (coining new phrase) – life itself is not changing per se, what is changing is our ability to collect, retain, and analyze information (we are still in a nascent era: Information Age) – while HTML5 is a factor in how we can more easily interact on this expanding platform (the Evernet), it is IPv6 that will profoundly evolve the Internet as we know it today yielding to a broader construct, the Evernet!

Working on a larger and expanded version of this, so stay tuned…