The biggest obstacle to success is…you!

It has just been a recurring theme lately for me to be battling one of the original sins – vanity (ego! Mine included!).

Everywhere in business (and life) we run into over-sized egos (which I feel are directly correlated to self-confidence) which truly are the single most destructive force in our interactions with each other. It is almost “child-like” insofar as we “grown children” are constantly trying to be more than we are in front of our peers instead of being realistic about our own capabilities and willing to be honest and objective about our strengths and weaknesses (the latter being the hardest to come to grips with).

It is a sign of strength and not weakness to be able to identify those things we are not good at and seek help. Imagine if we could all do that (instead of arguing about who is better at what) as to what we could achieve? I know that this is anethma to most as we all strive to the “best at everything” – however, when we really step back and think about it, we can’t be great at all things – that is just the human condition, so get over it and focus more on what you are really good at (pick a few things) and emphasize collaboration with those who are good or great at what you are not (this is so very hard to do in real life).

Remember the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” and Al Pacino playing the Devil who says in the end: “Vanity is my favorite sin!” – we oft forget that we are and can be our own worst enemies!!


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