The Cloud is the Datacenter!!

I’ve begun to talk a lot about this lately and felt it deserved a little explanation. In short, there have been many terms since the dawn of computing ranging from:

– Centralized Computing
– Time Sharing
– Grid
– SaaS/PaaS/IaaS
– and now Cloud computing

I think the average person really only cares that Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. are working and that they can access their content. Given that, I think that there is much confusion as to what the “cloud” really is…for me, the cloud is simply another term that applies to the Internet Infrastructure (or Datacenters + Connectivity). I think we often forget that the original icon for the internet was a cloud. This is important for folks seem to be scrambling to find “cloud based services” and get hung up on the term versus the practical reality that most things online reside in a sort of cloud.

“The Cloud is a set of interconnected Datacenters” – this really is what I believe people should mean when discussing the “cloud” for the concept of a highly distributed, seamlessly interconnected infrastructure platform is what application developers will all seek to leverage.

So, not to “rain on anyone’s cloud” terminology, however, I think we need to all realize that the cloud is really nothing more than a lot of interconnected CPUs, Memory & Storage, configured in such a way so that the application can reside in multiple locations simultaneously (can you say dynamic quantum infrastructure?) and thus be always available.