Cyber-Warfare: Coming to a theatre near you…

Link to NYTimes Article: US vs Russia on Cyberrules

It is a theme that has existed since the dawn of man – conflict. Conflict amongst competing men, cities, states, nations and, of course, religions. Where that conflict is waged is a matter of any eras battlefield(s) and the perceived competitive advantages those battlefield(s) have to either side. In the case of cyberspace (thank you William Gibson), the lines are heretofore non-existent and that is about to change.

As we can see from the upcoming negotiations and pending treaties (China trying to put spyware – literally – on all PCs that enter China for example…to block pornography of course), nations are now publicly talking about the 21st centuries major battlefield – cyberspace.

Our military’s already engaged in leveraging their own version of the WWW, but necessity dictates that they also use the public WWW – this is where we shall begin to see far more emphasis on destabilization tactics and then resulting rules of conduct (Die Hard’s: Yard Sale).


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