Cyber-Warfare: Coming to a theatre near you…

Link to NYTimes Article: US vs Russia on Cyberrules

It is a theme that has existed since the dawn of man – conflict. Conflict amongst competing men, cities, states, nations and, of course, religions. Where that conflict is waged is a matter of any eras battlefield(s) and the perceived competitive advantages those battlefield(s) have to either side. In the case of cyberspace (thank you William Gibson), the lines are heretofore non-existent and that is about to change.

As we can see from the upcoming negotiations and pending treaties (China trying to put spyware – literally – on all PCs that enter China for example…to block pornography of course), nations are now publicly talking about the 21st centuries major battlefield – cyberspace.

Our military’s already engaged in leveraging their own version of the WWW, but necessity dictates that they also use the public WWW – this is where we shall begin to see far more emphasis on destabilization tactics and then resulting rules of conduct (Die Hard’s: Yard Sale).


Fabulous primer on NYTimes

Link to NYTimes – Datacenters

A great article breaking down the industry and its players – such a small universe of individuals driving the rise of the information plants. The information age is already democratizing the world and the infrastructure demands will simply grow in direct correlation to humanities expansion – just like our demands for power/energy. (a nexus soon to be realized)