PaaS’ new VAR channel…

As Ray Kurzweil prognosticated in his book, The Age of the Spiritual Machine, ideas will become a currency in a hyper connected world. It is with that in mind that the list of PaaS providers will be concatenating over time and developer engines will become the new VAR to PaaS providers.

For example, look at this company: – see how they are quite neutral to whose computing cycles they leverage and can ostensibly switch “platforms” (aka, Clouds) in and out as needed (or required)…however, their value proposition is to enable their clients to focus on the business need versus commodity hardware mgmt (a totally sunk/lost cost these days).

This is the new paradigm going forward…


Chicago Climate Exchange

In forming up the alignment opportunities with Tim and team and DCP, a colleague pointed me towards the following:

Interesting organization and marketplace that certainly has promise, but the transparency needs to leverage all the tools available – blogs, YouTube, twitter, etc. – for the idea is great, the output needs to be seen in real time by the world to gain traction…or else, cynics like me are going to question the corruptibility of this exchange.

CIO’s Unite…take control of your infrastructure

Many CIO’s are indeed on the cusp of reorganization – where once facilities were a “part” of another organization, increasing demands upon datacenter assets give rise to corporate organizational structure folding “real estate” underneath the CIO. Then, true IT resource planning can take place across organization and centralized management of energy consumption can take place.

although I blogged on this earlier, the piece lends itself to a panel I am speaking on this thurs at Sun Microsystems: – hope to see you there

Vendors for the “Infotricity” marketplace

The information age is truly getting its legs underneath itself and establishing a new marketplace for vendors to vie over – hence, Oracle buying Sun (I think IBM buys Juniper soon), Cisco/IBM/HP all lining up to provide to the new utility marketplace, and other non-traditional companies that will try to gain entrance to this sector the same way vendors lined up to service the emerging telecom sector or electrical sector – in short, the information age’s inevitable evolution into a utility is upon us and shaping its own marketplace to support itself…