QIK – interesting live streaming…

Just playing around with the tool – has some interesting applications, clearly, but will it stand the test of “crossing the chasm” fast enough – try it out: http://www.qik.com


IPv6 and the ultimate switch over…

Yes folks – it is time to refresh that IPv4 we’ve all been using, but don’t worry, it will just work…:-)


Although there is yet to be as loud a conversation about IPv6 as say Cloud computing today, the implications for the Cloud are quite profound…like, if you are not IPv6 enabled, the cloud will cease to work…got your attention now?

Basically, this is the new version of the Internet Protocol – just like upgrading Windows or Mac (or anything these days as software is the key), the internet’s software needs an upgrade. This, clearly, is not trivial and is something folks should be casually aware of, where as network providers, cloud providers, dedicated server providers should all be seeking help to get ready for the move. In short, the address space used to identify yourself on IPv4 will run out in next 18mos – this is not a predication, it is fact. Now, most of the population will not notice as browsers and routers will be upgraded seemlessly (sorta), it is just the network (global internet) that will need the upgrade – so be watchful and ready for IPv6 is upon us.

$29Bn Power & Cooling mkt??

“Energy efficiency of IT equipment is beginning to drive purchasing decisions in the data center with $29 billion being spent annually just on server power and cooling according to industry research firm IDC. In a study conducted in late 2008, Brocade found that 44 per cent of European IT directors believed that their companies devoted up to a quarter of their total operational expenditure, or OpEx, on energy-related costs.”

Brocade is now entering this optimization market – spelling some interesting times for those companies that can address this huge need – simple PUE reductions of .1 or .2 can translate into billions saved on electrical consumption – this will be augmented by pending regulations due out from EPA/DoE.

PUE/DCiE – big time topic at Google DC Conf today


It would seem that datacenters is big for the gov, the private sector and, quite frankly, humanity itself. The big topics are now about how to unify the “information plant” as one system that accounts for the input – electrons – and the output – zeros & ones. With that, one must recognize that there are disparate and entrenched psychological barriers preventing this unification – specifically, the marriage of IT and real estate.

Given that, the presentation from the Green Grid attached does a great job of outlining many of these issues and current best practices.