Space Based Internet – the future is truly here

With the ever increasing need to take our little planet’s population and expand, we need to also determine how to get there and how to stay in touch with each other – here comes space based Internet…

As we evolve our ability to stay in touch – the internet being the first true global utility – we will see some Isaac Asimov-like developments.  With the public announcement of this type of deep space (deep to us who have only travelled within a few planets distance) infrastructure, space based datacenters will follow suit very quickly…keep an eye on the players in this arena (datacenters, ISPs, managed infrastructure services providers, etc) as this will only get more and more entrenched and important.



Data wars?

I’ve spoken about this inside a few industry groups, have begun to consult my Ray Kurzweil prognostications of the future and then double checked with my Harry Seldon decoder keys…:-)….data wars will be upon us at some point in the near future.
As the information plants of today take more and more root (literally, seeing some being planned for deep in the earth – where some exist today, you just don’t know about them), get pushed out to sea (see and then eventually populate floating space stations – the entire notion of data, where it is, how it is accessed and organized becomes critical – for one sec, stop and think about organic memory paradigms of long term, short term, oft used data…kinda scary, huh?

So, what will datawars look like – first, it will create a synthesized James Bond meet Revenge of the Nerds as information is the key ingredient to any decision making – a decision is required when imperfect information exists…ironically, when you know all, you don’t need to make a decsion per se – since, as of now, we can not predict the future with much certainty, we can guide it through real time omniscience – that requires the ability to ferret out at the source any and all data, and then compile that thru humnit – for not all data will be accessible from onnet since much of its purpose will still only be contained in someone’s mind…knowing who is “in the know” is as critical as who can access it these days…where do the decisions originate?

This will begin to, as in the humnit world, require folks to be purposefullly obscure, yet plugged in – a new cyber lord is upon us…one who can virtually tap into anything, anytime, and then control how that informtion is used in the “real world” – part of what will make that job easier is knowing where all the data resides, or better yet, enticing folks to give you the data – ala, google.

Once the lords of information begin to set the pieces at play on the board, the wars shall commence until there is only one or there is a truce – problem with truces is that humans have a horrible track record at maintaining them…

Kinda got of on a bit of a tangent, but it is good fodder for a Monday!